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Did you know that..... Youtube provides automatically generated subtitles for all videos? Just turn "subtitles" on (icon at lower edge of video) and use "settings" (the gear symbol) to select your language (automatic translate).

I tried it with a few of my videos and it works very well. I also tried the german translation and that was really good. I'm impressed how well speech recognition works.

This is for all those who might have problems to understand english. I had comments asking why I don't speak german... well with english a larger number of people can be addressed. And I'm often surprised by the questions that come from all over the world.

So thank you for watching my stuff from wherever you are! :-)

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Update on the screws... Thanks for all the answers, many will be useful in the future. But I found a handfull of those screws in my scrap pile. The HP MSA controllers have those screws to attach the covers and I have many defective controllers.

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To all my american viewers (or whatever country that uses imperial screw sizes):

I urgently need some screws UNC 4-40 x 1/4", countersunk, philips or Pozi drive!

I've got some rackmount firewalls to assemble but the manufacturer put the wrong screws in the accessory bag. Without the screws I can't install the brackets and I can't finish that job.
Unfortunately all firewalls of the newest shipment came with the wrong screws. And living in Europe makes it really hard to find that kind of screw. Even the best equipped hardware stores don't have those tiny sizes.

If you have such screws (50-100 pieces) or if you can recommend an online store.... there is a reward waiting for you :-)

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Some comments from the TRELO video are like: "You live in Switzerland, you must be rich..."

Well compared with many others around the globe that might be true but it depends how you see it. I will give you some examples:

As an IT technician with 30+ years of experience you can expect a salary of 5000-7000 SFr (Swiss Francs)
Youtube money: about 50.00 per month ;-)

Standard health insurance: 480.00 per month

A normal 3 room apartment costs between 1500 and 2000 SFr per month.
A modern 3-4 room apartment can easily go over 2500 SFr. /month

One liter of regular gas 95: 1.60 (Diesel +0.10)

Lunch in a resaturant with a soft drink: 20.00 (regular worker's menu)
Dinner in a restaurant: 35.00- 120.00
Big Mac: 6.50

Parking Zurich Airport 1h: 6.00, one day: 54.00, 7 days: 220.00
Parking Urania (Zurich city) 1h: 4.00, 2h: 9.00, 3h: 14.00, 4h: 19.00

Fine for speeding in town (speed above limit): 1-5km/h: 40.00, 11-15km/h: 250.00, more than 21km/h: 1 month license revocation minimum (tolerance 3 km/h)
Fine for speeding on highway: 1-5km/h: 20.00, 21-25km/h: 260.00 31+km/h: 1 month license revocation minimum (tolerance 5 km/h)
If you drive like racer X: They take your car away... permanently, plus a hefty fine (1000-10'000) and probaly jail.

As you see, you can earn a decent amount of money here but you also have to spend a lot of it. Live is expensive here and not everyone has a basment full of gold :-)

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As I said earlier, Adrian from the UK is still trying to restore an Apollo11 USB ground station and needs some parts like Textronix RM504 rackmount oscilloscopes. If you have stuff that might fit.... here's his email: Something that fits in here:

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My work bench today... testing supercaps and lithium charger.

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I just de-activated the mid-roll commercials in all my videos.
I personally hate mid-roll commercials in movies and also here on Youtube. Especially if the same ad comes again and again.
I never activated mid-roll ads manually. Youtube decided to change it's policies and ticked the "mid-roll enable" button for all videos longer than 8 minutes. So I had to change that back to my original settings.

Yes I still have commercials because I want to get a bit of money for my work. But I never wanted to annoy viewers with too much of that. I'm not maximizing my income at cost of viewing pleasure.

What's your opinion about that? Do mid-roll ads bother you?

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As I explained in video 159, Adrian from the UK and I are still looking for Tektronix RM504 oscilloscopes. If you have one or if you know someone who has one... let me know if you want to sell it.

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For all my subscribers:
There is a promo code available from PCBway. If you use "playwithjunk" with your next order, you will get a $10 discount. This code is valid for the first 100 customers. Only one code per person. Have fun!!

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