Hey my name is rek, and I play Minecraft. Yeah. That's about it. I think the videos are alright!

I'm just a 19 year old kid who hit the sweet spot with YouTube. I started my Channel in may of 2020 as a quarantine hobby. I posted every other day for 7 months to get my first 100 subscribers. I had a video blow up to 400k views in October 2020 and started to figure out how to make good videos. In April of 2021 I had my Dream Boat Clutch video go viral. I started to get other viral videos such as my "copper house" and "joined a YouTuber anarchy SMP" video. Just been cruzin ever since.

For anyone who wants to be a YouTuber:
First of all, don't. It's a grind and hard to deal with a videos performance. You have to love the process.
Never be complacent. Look at the AVD and CTR of a video. Focus on getting those up. Surround yourself with likeminded friends. You won't get anywhere alone. Plus it's not fun. Good luck.

Updated 11/19/21